How To Create Your Business Account In Instagram

The social media application, Instagram, is an application that over 800 million people use. Within a month, about 500 million people use it every day. This application is not just for your personal use or past time whenever possible. Instagram can be useful for popularizing your business’ products and services and making money. You can create your business’ account in Instagram so that you can be able to post your products and services, see and patronize or even purchase other products or services by other Instagram users.

People nowadays don’t just go to a physical store. Instead, they will check your business account on Instagram and purchase a certain product or services without going to your store if you have one. This will help your customers to buy your products and services easier and faster. It will also help you to gain more customers and make more money. The question is, “What are the ways in creating your own business’ account in Instagram?”

This article will teach you how to create an Instagram account for your business. Keep on reading to know how.

Set up your business’ Instagram account

When you already have your Instagram Application, open it. You will see two choices on it on how to create your business’ Instagram account. It was either sign up with your phone or email or login with Facebook. It is best to choose the sign up with your business’ email account. This will help you to separate your Instagram Business’ profile on your own Facebook Account.

Put your business details like your business name under the full name to make your Instagram followers recognize your business’ account. You can also change your business’ name on your business Instagram account in the future with the help of your account settings.

Optimize your business’ Instagram account

This is the chance for you to change your business profile picture. Your business profile picture is the only thing that your customers or followers will see first. Good quality of your business’ profile picture will last a good impression to your potential customers. You can use the logo of your business as your profile picture. Next thing that you can do to optimize your business account is to add your bio. Bio is only composed of a maximum of 150 characters. You must put in here the reasons on why Instagram users should follow you.

Manage your Account settings

In this part, you can change anything you want to your Business account to make it look more attractive to the potential buyers. In managing your Instagram account settings, you will be able to create new passwords, and you can also see your previous posts. You can also turn on a notification to get you notified every moment if there is someone who wants to purchase the products and services your business offers and so much more. You have the control over managing your business account, so you must be a knowledgeable business owner.