Disadvantages Of Social Media Marketing

Business owners nowadays are taking advantage of the things that technologies are giving to humanity. Business owners, whether new or professionals are now using social media marketing. Apart from being low cost, your business becomes visible to other people online. They are using this kind of social media marketing platforms for promotion and popularization of their businesses- whether small or large one. However, in every benefit, there are still their corresponding disadvantages. Social media can sometimes have some mishaps. To gain millions of followers of your social media business account would need so much effort. Being trustless by your followers is a most humiliating moment for you. So before engaging in social marketing, you must think deeply about the pros and cons of it that can give to you. The following are some of the disadvantages of using social media marketing.

Tone down your brand image

Larger corporations are handled by an outsourced department or internal department. You must possess a higher confidence to manage your social media marketing. They will be reflected on your social media brand image- it was either good or bad. Giving your full trust to a person who is not knowledgeable in social media marketing can lead your business to failure instead of success.


Social media marketing will create a lesser impact on your followers or potential customers for the reason that its ability to be artistic and isolated was limited. Your every post on your social media accounts will just be ignored by your followers because of so many posts by other brands companies. Because of it, you must post your products regularly to be seen by your followers frequently. It is very time-consuming for you to know that your products posts are seen by your followers.


Delay of your income or profit

If you are using your social media for marketing, expect that your income will be yours in a long time process. Your money will not come very easy and fast compared to traditional media. Having a good relationship with your customers is a way to gain  more money and promote your business’ products and services. Traditional media is preferable and very effective in terms of immediate sales.


The offer of technology nowadays like social media is a great tool that can improve your business. But understanding it deeply on how to use it correctly by many business owners are really a struggle for them. Social media has been proven by many users that it is really effective to use for marketing but, you must also consider the cons that this social media can give you. You must create your organized goals for your business to become successful. Remember, for you and your business to become successful; you must exert your extra effort and do not rely on the benefits of technology. Your business goals will become successful if you handle it correctly and with great responsibility.